Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an often misunderstood developmental disorder, characterised by difficulties with social interaction, differences in sensory perception, verbal and non-verbal communication and behaviour.

Due to the complexity of autism in relation to the different symptoms which may present themselves and the varying extent and combinations of the manifestation of symptomatic behaviour; multifaceted treatment is usually recommended, inclusive of but not necessarily limited to, developmental paediatrics, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Autism is currently understood to be comprised of a genetic factor resulting in atypical neurological development and functioning. Notwithstanding continuous research into autism, a definitive cause is yet to be established.

Symptoms of autism often result in persons with ASD learning, behaving and communicating differently to what is perceived to be the norm, with learning ranging from particularly gifted to severely impaired.

Mafungo Attorneys has included Autism South Africa as part of our corporate social responsibility program to, amongst others;

- Partner with and be relevant to persons with ASD and their families and communities;
- Identify and address the differing and changing needs of babies, children, adolescents, and adults with ASD;
- Promote the rights and advance the interests of all those within the autism community; and,
- Lead ASD awareness, education, therapy and advocacy throughout South Africa;

Autism South Africa can be found at (link to be provided)


Spreadluv Movement (SLM) is a growing, dynamic non-profit organization focused on providing effective career guidance to learners with limited resources.

With a firm membership of female Wits graduates as a base, SLM has managed to facilitate workshops and provide career guidance to hundreds of students from grades 8 to 12 at more than 45 under-resourced schools within the locality of Johannesburg.

SLM provides further assistance to learners by helping with bursary applications and providing mentors. Many mentees of SLM have gone on to excel in their tertiary studies.

By employing young professionals to connect with the youth SLM aspires to positively influence the patterns of thought of students with whom they interact, and to inspire mentees to rise above their circumstances and achieve success in their field of choice.

Kgomotso Mokoena, a consultant at the firm, is a founding member of SLM.

Mafungo Attorneys has included SLM in its corporate social responsibility program, to amongst others;

- Assist in addressing youth unemployment; - Assist in providing career guidance; - Mentoring of students, and; - Inspire students;

SLM can be found at (link to be provided)